Maintaining Comms

There are those travellers who choose to go off grid, turn off their phones, mail postcards and generally make a complete break from their non-travelling world and then there are those who want… Continue reading

See More with a Bicycle

There are many options for transport whilst exploring your new surroundings and each serves it purpose and, naturally, has pros and cons; your feet, taxis, buses/trams, tourist shuttles/jeeps/carriages, scooters, car rentals, kick-scooters, bicycles… Continue reading

New Favourite German City: Düsseldorf

First, here’s a little story about what was going on in the above picture. Beautiful sunset along the Rhine. Joggers, wheelchairs, young lovers, families, many people enjoying a beer or three, and the… Continue reading

Oh Those Russians, Part 2 – Once You Are There

Moscow. You’ve Arrived. Currency is in Rubles with the smaller coin denominations being called Kopeks. Emergency number to call is 112. The Moscow airports are a little outside of the city and traffic… Continue reading

Quick Advice: Clear Your Cookies

After reading about my online booking prowess, my daughter pointed out to me that prices on various services such as flights and hotels can creep up if you keep returning and showing interest… Continue reading

Oh Those Russians – Part 1, Travel

Russia is another one of those countries that I only go to when required for work and I’m generally accompanied by people who have absolutely no interest in tourism so, not the deepest perspective but,… Continue reading

Quick Advice: Hotel Special Requests

There are many special requests at hotels that could make your stay more comfortable and may not cost you anything. Like what, you say? You can request special bedding (firmer or more pillows,… Continue reading

Real or Knock-off? Is that Chicken? Is There a Real Toilet Here? Welcome to China

I have been to China twice over the past couple of years but it has been on work assignments both times so opportunities to control my experiences have been very limited. I do… Continue reading

Quick Advice: Bread Crumbs

When you check into your hotel, take a business card and keep it on you. Wherever your adventures lead to, you can always find your way back by showing the business card to… Continue reading

How to Book a Bed

You know where you are going, what you want to do, and what the weather will be like. Now, you need to find a place to sleep. For me, my needs have become… Continue reading